Texas Longhorn Fans Better Get Prepared at Home!

NCAA Football Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns are looking at limiting stadium to 25% for the upcoming season.  A wise measure surely in the new world of COVID-19, but where does that leave TLH Fans?

Watching the games at home, or online, that's where!  Some of the best suggestions for dealing with all these new "at-homes" is to still go through your regular rituals when it comes to events or things you'd normally go out for. Like wearing your work clothes while working from home, for example. 

Getting geared up for game day shouldn't be any different!

So make sure you get the whole family prepped and ready to go for the games by adding some new Longhorns Watches to your team spirit arsenal!

You can find all of our Longhorns gear here: Longhorns for life!

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