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We all know that the digital world has long overtaken society.  In many cases, that is a good thing and equates to forward progress. However, there is always a yin to yang!

Over the past few years, studies have shown that children have largely lost the ability to, or struggle with, reading analog time.  Even to the point where schools across the world are removing them!

There are many studied benefits to child development in the ability to read and conceptualize time using analog clocks.  For instance: the constantly moving hands help visualize time difference and passage.

We wholly believe in the many pros to children learning analog time, which is why we created the Tailgater Youth Watch for our young sports fans.

 Youth Watch to Leatn Analog Time

The design is geared for kids with easy-to-read hands and numbers, a lightweight metal alloy case, and an adjustable strap that coordinates with your team colors.


So bring in the kids for a quick huddle, and find your favorite Tailgater Team Watch here: Find your Tailgater

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