Active Lifestyle or Active Person in Your Life?

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Snags, bends, scratches, breaks – these are just a few reasons silicone jewelry has become more popular.  You can keep the sentiment and reminder with a functional and stylish replacement.  These replacements are great for anyone with an active lifestyle.  The last thing anyone wants to do is ruin precious, meaningful, jewelry.  Many active people leave their pieces at home ‘just in case’ for this reason.    

Suntime’s featured watch this month is a unique style built to accommodate the modern, active person. You’ve seen the silicone wedding bands that have become especially popular, right?  Well, this is the same jewelry concept.  Silicone-style jewelry is not only functional, but also stylish.  The Fantom AC is a cool, modern way to sport your team pride while going about your activities. The highly colorized anochrome dial pops your team’s logo and the silicone jelly band color-coordinates perfectly.    

Watches with silicone bands are perfect for active people with active lifestyles.  The Fantom AC works great for the following:

Runners, Climbers, Campers, Dancers, Bike Riders, High / Low Temperature Environments, Work Environments, Moving A Lot, Yoga, Fitness, Hiking, Gym-Goers, Moms, Military Service Men & Women, First Responders, Medical Professionals - Did I cover everyone?

Rep your team while wearing a timepiece that accommodates your daily life, lifestyle and / or career.

We have two styles of silicone ban watch designs. 

Fantom Line > Pick Your Team

Fantom AC > Choose Your Band (Silicone) 

Our Sparkle Fashion Watch line is our silicone-banned watch WITH A FLARE.


Remember to enter code 30 OFF at checkout to received 30% Off. 


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