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When a team suffers a blow, fans – true fans – remain loyal. Disappointment lingers, but that’s a part of the game.  It makes a victory that much sweeter.   

It’s no secret that Alabama Crimson Tide, in the Southeastern Conference, has ranked #1 for a minute.  It’s a position not to be taken for granted.  The Kentucky Wildcats can hold their own against several college football teams. When it comes to playing Alabama, however, UK is challenged. This past weekend the Kentucky Wildcats lost against Alabama, significantly: 63 Alabama – 3 Kentucky Wildcats.  

Challenging competition can make our games better, help us sharpen our edges, even if the score doesn’t reflect immediately. KU fans are still truly loyal. To acknowledge a recent victory of Kentucky’s, they (3-4) are coming off a 38-35 win at home against Vanderbilt the weekend before last (11/14). 

Regarding tradition, my grandfather had a shelved-shrine next to his bed, complete with Crimson Tide swag.  His collection accumulated over years included framed and autographed pictures of Bear Bryant, former HC of Alabama, figurines decorated with the famous hounds tooth pattern and the elephant mascot. 

When he was alive, I wish I had asked about the items and the stories behind them.  For my Grandpa, watching the Alabama football games were sacred.  He didn’t speak much about it.  He didn’t have to.  My father gave me a houndstooth hat one year for Christmas that resembled the one that Bear Bryant wore while coaching.  To me, the hat represented something special carried down within our family - tradition and appreciation for the game – Alabama Crimson Tide more specifically.   

Passing traditions down to our kids or to family members and friends add sentiments that keeps going. 

Add to an existing tradition, swag collection, or start one! With one of the many styles, represent YOUR team’s sigil and pass it on to a loved one. Suntime has a line for women, men and kids.  The TAILGATE KID’s watches are a perfect place to start. 

What sports traditions have been passed down in your family and friendship circles that are still with you today? What traditions have you passed down to your children, nieces and nephews? 

When selecting a watch, there are various styles available.  The options are in the drop-down menus.

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