Florida State Seminoles vs Clemson Tigers

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What is one of your nostalgic memories of college football?

My first live college football game, in Tallahassee, Florida where I grew up, was in 1993 – FSU vs Clemson.  By happenstance, a ticket fell in my lap. Doake-Campbell Stadium was the first football stadium I stepped foot in.  That was the experience that etched Florida State into my mind and spirit. I was finally enlightened on what the hype was about.

The stadium roared with praise, anticipation and strength as Florida State fans prepared and battled their opponent - the Clemson Tigers.  FSU won, 57-0.  Florida State was on a consecutive winning streak from 1992 – 2002.    


FSU Vs Clemson 1993­ Defensive End Derrick Alexander Tackles
(Garnet and Great, FSU Archivist) Photo Source / Credit

Yes, us locals were proud. However, Clemson finally broke FSU’s winning streak against them in 2003 during their home game, 26-10.  To make this rivalry even more interesting, FSU’s then head coach is the father of the Clemson Tiger’s head coach.  Tommy Bowden, head coach for the Tiger’s, defeated the team lead by his father, Bobby Bowden.  

We all have that one nostalgic game, that moment in time, that one experience when we just “got it”.  A certain team, play or player hooked us.  These engrained experiences keep us coming back for more, and they’re the reason we show our spirit - whichever side we’re on.  Comradery and Competition.  Without both, there would be no game!  


Clemson Tigers - Ladies' Competitor Watch

Florida State Seminoles - Men's Fantom Watch

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