Army vs Navy – Game Uniforms Evoke Meaning

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army vs navy

This past weekend, the Army-Navy game was played at West Point’s Michie Stadium for the first time since World War II.  This was their 121st long standing traditional game. An extremely foggy field made the Army’s camo uniform blend in perfectly!  

For the Army-Navy football games, their uniforms are a well thought out work of art that can take up to two years to create. Each year, they are distinctly different from the year before.  Every theme and detail evokes meaning.

This year the Army’s uniform theme honored the 25th Infantry Division of the Korean War. For the helmets, the shoulder insignia from that division, a yellow lightning bolt over a red taro leaf, was hand painted.  This symbol is commonly referred to as the “Electric Strawberry”.

On their jerseys:

  • left sleeve - 27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhounds
  • right shoulder – ‘Courtesy of the 27th Inf’, over the player’s number
  • right sleeve – the Korean War Era Flag, 48 stars for the number of states at that time
  • right chest plate – a patch with Tropic Lightning
  • numbers and letters in a special stencil inspired font from that era and respective divisions
  • pants – ‘Wolfhounds’ spelled out

The Navy’s uniforms were inspired by a combination of the Naval Academy’s Chapel, Bancroft Hall and the ocean.  Each helmet, also hand painted, reflected the marble stone architecture of the academy’s historical structures and “Ocean Camo”.  The ocean camo represents the whitecaps of the rough seas.  The six gold stripes honor the original six frigates of the navy.  

The “Ocean Camo” theme carries through down to the jerseys, gloves and cleats.  

  • shoulder cap - The Naval Academy’s Seal
  • chest – NAVY
  • pants – same six stripes matching the helmets, representing the six frigates of the navy; hip – Marine Corps logo embroidered

One significant detail included on each jersey is a patch specifically chosen by each player for his own personal reason. I fear I wouldn’t do the significance justice by writing about it.  The players explain in their own words the meaning of the insignias they chose:

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